Niche Selling Versus Marketing Real Estate

When you hire a real estate agent, you, probably have certain expectations, needs, concerns, priorities, goals, etc. One should hire the agent, who is best for them, based on their personal situation. During that interview period, when you determine, who you should hire, ask many questions, and expect to get answers, which you consider, satisfying and satisfactory. While agents give a variety of different types of listing presentations, focus on the overall message, quality and professionalism. Ask as many questions as you deem important and relevant. Don’t overlook asking whether a particular agent will bs selling, marketing, or, selling and marketing, your home.

1. Selling: You are putting your home on the market, because you have decided to sell it. However, evaluate, if the focus is entirely and exclusively about selling or sales. Selling is proactive and interactive, while sales may be far more passive, etc. Always, inquire, how will an agent, go about, actually getting the house sold, and what he might do, high might make it beneficial for you, to hire him.2. Marketing: Marketing is often, far more inclusive, than selling. It includes identifying the niche and/ or target market, how it will be marketed and promoted, how client and agent, will, and must, work together, as a team, to assure, you receive the best possible results. This must include an overall, marketing plan, including theme, placement, selected media, niche – focus/ emphasis, Open Houses, etc.

3. Combination: One normally gets the best results, when an agent admits marketing and selling, go hand – in – hand. The best scenario is when a thorough plan is developed and utilized, and then, taken, to fruition, by professional, thorough, quality, proactive selling.When a homeowner lists his home, for sale, doesn’t he deserve, quality, professional, courteous, professional representation. Both marketing and sales, are significant components.